CISAC - affiliated societies and creators support Ukrainian culture


Grants for cultural institutions, financial support for schools, creators and their families, shipments of medicine, food and clothing, and the purchase of musical instruments – these are just some of the actions funded by the network of creative communities operating under the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC). Their contributions support people who on a daily basis shape Ukrainian culture, which is currently under attack by Russia.

It has been 4 months since Russia's armed attack on Ukraine. Millions of refugees have fled abroad as a result of the war. Among them are thousands of creators and artists. Those who have stayed behind in the country are unable to earn an income. They have often taken up arms to defend their loved ones, their homes, their independence. They all need help.

Among them are young musicians, composers from the older generation, painters and creators of multimedia visual arts, rock lyricists and poets. What they all have in common is art. Artists in Ukraine have grown up in a culture championing liberal and democratic values. Today, this freedom is under threat yet again as the lives of its creators are in jeopardy.

CISAC, an international network of organisations bringing together more than 4 million artists from over 120 countries, has helped mobilise a campaign of support so that the creative community, and with it Ukrainian culture, can survive.

According to Björn Ulvaeus, co-founder of ABBA and president of CISAC, helping Ukrainian creators is an important and extremely difficult mission. "This is what CISAC’s community should be: an effective global network, quick to act, generous in solidarity with fellow creators and members”.” says Ulvaeus.

Thousands of creators call for an end to armed aggression

At the end of April 2022, creators, artists and representatives of the creative industry from over 120 countries signed a joint petition in which they declared solidarity with Ukrainian creators. The letter was an unprecedented initiative - signed by 4,000 people from diverse cultural backgrounds, from Japan to Hungary, from the U.S. to Mexico. The letter was sent to Ministers of Culture around the world. Words came accompanied by actions. A special fund was set up to help the creators of Ukrainian culture.

The Creators for Ukraine fund

The Creators for Ukraine fund was established to provide assistance and support to Ukrainian artists by creative communities from all over the world. The aid is earmarked for both those operating in Ukraine and those who have managed to escape from the war-torn country.

The support given to Eastern European colleagues has exceeded all expectations. In a very short time,  CISAC member societies have managed to raise EUR 1.5 million and counting. A share  of these funds goes to the Ukrainian collective management organisation, NGO UACRR, and is paid to its members on an ongoing basis.

The remaining resources have been distributed to CISAC member associations from countries hosting refugee creators. This money is used to support artists and their families who, having fled the war, made their way to neighbouring countries and are trying to lead normal lives and engage in creative pursuits.

Poland has played a special role here as it hosts the largest number of refugees from Ukraine. The Polish organisation representing artists and composers ZAiKS is a natural frontrunner of aid activities carried out on behalf of CISAC. This is due to long-standing relations, as well as cultural and historical proximity, between Poland and Ukraine.

Support for Ukraine also involves delivering aid supplies to creative communities. So far, over a dozen vehicles carrying food, medicine, sleeping bags, power banks, walkie-talkies, oxygen tanks, surgical tools and many other items have been sent to Ukraine. All to save the health and lives of those in need.

The extraordinary power of creators' unity – testimonies

United we stand, divided we fall is a well-known motto from World War II, but it actually originates from the struggle for U.S. independence. It remains relevant in today's war-torn eastern part of the Old Continent. Ukraine will rebuild itself. The support shown by the global community of creators today shall remain in the memory of the Eastern European neighbours for many years to come. Here are some of the testimonies:


"Thank you Creators for Ukraine for your help, as well as for supporting Ukraine and Ukrainian musicians and composers. Thank you and glory to Ukraine." Dmytro Tsyperdyuk - Luiku – composer, arranger, music producer, poet and frontman of the band Luiku.

Svitlana Babiychuk with her husband Andrij Kuzmenko
Svitlana Babiychuk with her husband Andrij Kuzmenko

"We are grateful to Creators for Ukraine. We are all fighting for our freedom and our country. Each in their own way. We greatly need your support on our difficult road to peace.” Svitlana Babiychuk – board member of the Ukrainian collective copyright management society as well as heir and copyright owner of works by Andrij Kuzmenko – iconic songwriter, founder and frontman of the band Skryabin.

Mykola Brovchenko
Mykola Brovchenko

“As never before, times like these reveal the astonishing team spirit of the global creative community. The entire global community of CISAC authors, to which our non-governmental organisation UACRR belongs, has come to the aid of Ukrainian authors. Thank you very much! This gave me the opportunity to continue working on the theatre stage, writing texts and music. In short, to continue making art.” Mykola Brovchenko – playwright, screenwriter, musician, essayist, board member of the non-governmental organisation UACRR.

Darina Krasnovetska
Darina Krasnovetska

"This war has brought much sorrow: someone was left without a roof over their head, someone had to leave their loved ones behind. We had to flee our own country. And many Ukrainians lost their jobs. Therefore, the help provided by the foundation Creators for Ukraine was very important to us, singers and lyricists, and I want to say thank you for your support because it really means a lot. I sincerely believe that after our victory we will make art again and the whole world will hear our song." Darina Krasnovetska – singer, songwriter, representative of Ukraine at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, member of the NGO UACRR.