Call for Ukrainian artists and authors in Slovakia

Ukraine SOZA
Ukraine SOZA

Slovak Performing and Mechanical Rights Society (SOZA) has created a special call to help music artists and authors from Ukraine who are in Slovakia due to the war conflict in their country. To date, SOZA is opening a call based on a decision of the Supervisory Board, in which authors and artists from Ukraine located in Slovakia can apply for financial aid to ensure basic living needs.

"The situation in which the people of Ukraine find themselves is very serious. We believe that the help we offer to members of our music community through this call will help them to at least partially overcome this extremely difficult period, which prevents them from fully devoting themselves to their creation and art.” says Ľubomír Burgr, Chairman of the Management Board.

The call for Ukrainian artists is funded by the Solidarity Fund of CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers). SOZA has been a member of CISAC since 1970.

How to participate in the call?

The call is intended for music artists and authors from Ukraine who has found themselves in Slovakia due to the war. The obtained aid can be used to secure the basic cost of living. Artists and authors from Ukraine can join the call by completing a short application, which is available here:

SOZA's Fund

The filled application must be sent to the email address:

In addition to direct assistance for Ukrainian artists, SOZA will also support four NGOs that help Ukrainian refugees in Slovakia directly, namely Post Bellum, the Slovak Catholic Charity, the League for Mental Health, and Mareena. "We believe that through these four organizations we will help not only Ukrainian artists but also other people affected by the war in our neighboring state," adds Burgr.

The announced assistance is a continuation of the humanitarian activities that SOZA has been implementing since the beginning of the war. In March, SOZA allocated € 50,000 from the Social and Cultural Fund's budget, half of which was sent directly to a special collection account of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Slovak Republic. From the remaining funds, it created a charitable fundraiser through the Donio platform, which was closed in April 2022 with a total of € 28,468 raised, used under the Who will help Ukraine initiative.

If you have any questions, please contact the PR department at the email address: